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Western Hidalgo County Shows Growth with Multiple Project Funding

Western Hidalgo County has seen a number of investments that are helping the region grow.

On August 3, U.S. Representative Henry Cuellar, D-Laredo, announced $1,275,000 in federal funds for the construction of a new fire station in La Joya.

According to a press release from the congressman’s office, the current fire station, which is nearly 30 years old, does not meet standard building code requirements.

“The new La Joya Fire Station will provide our firefighters with the tools they need to better serve our community,” Cuellar said in the statement. “The station will also meet all building requirements to ensure the safety of our firefighters. This will mean more efficient service and faster response times for the city of La Joya.

Federal funds will cover 75% of the total cost of the new fire station, which is estimated at $1,700,000. Construction will take approximately 12 months.

“The funding for the new fire station is much needed for our community and the areas our fire department responds to, as we will now have a secure building that can house the necessary (sic) equipment to fight fires, provide medical services pay attention and respond to vehicular accidents,” La Joya Fire Chief Frankie Joe Salinas said in the statement.

The fire and police department will also be able to use a training room to conduct classroom and hands-on training, according to the statement, which says the current facility is unreliable and lacks the appropriate conditions to store the fire. equipment while lacking appropriate security measures to ensure the safety of personnel.

On the same day, Cuellar announced a federal allocation of $3,539,318 for the City of Sullivan’s El Faro Road Flood Mitigation Project.

According to a separate press release, the project will help upgrade the El Faro road and drainage infrastructure. The funding will provide assistance to areas of the community that are prone to heavy flooding as well as the restoration of damaged infrastructure.

“El Faro Road is one of the main thoroughfares in Sullivan City. Not only is the road vital for commercial use, but it is also heavily used by families and school buses,” Cuellar said. “This federal assignment will help address the unsafe and deteriorating road condition to provide Sullivan City residents with a safe and reliable travel route. I am proud to have championed and made this investment that will help keep my constituents safe.

The project will provide funding for the upgrading of the pavement and drainage system along the El Faro Road Corridor and adjacent connectors, which will help cope with higher rainfall events and reduce flooding.

The road will also be widened from a narrow two-lane carriageway to include an additional lane for left turns. Finally, the funding will support the addition of a 1.4 mile walking/biking trail.

On August 4, Hidalgo County District 3 Commissioner Everardo “Ever” Villarreal and the Hidalgo County No. 1 Drainage District, along with municipal and business officials from Peñitas, opened the first phase of what should be a $50 project. million commercial development in Peñitas.

The County and City of Peñitas have worked with St. Ives Realty LLC for two years on the commercial development of Liberty Village.

The development will be located at the corner of Liberty Boulevard and US Highway 83. The first phase will consist of four blocks for commercial development on 10 acres. Construction will begin on a shopping mall, which will include a hotel and several restaurants, once utilities and other infrastructure are delivered.

“Current planned Phase I users include 7 Eleven/Stripes, Chick Fil A, Wendy’s and an additional national tenant to be named in the near future,” Jim Gissler of St. Ives Realty said in a press release. .

“The promise of commerce and up to 250 jobs is exciting news for the Peñitas region and Hidalgo County is pleased to help facilitate this venture,” Villarreal added.