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Why can’t Uber provide service at Merida airport despite the lack of taxis? – The Yucatan Times

Passengers arriving at Merida airport on the early bird flight have recently complained about the lack of taxis, so they have to walk more than a kilometer to get to the avenue, and Uber service is banned, but for what reason ?

(Por Esto!).- A few days ago, members of the National Guard stopped two taxi vehicles from the Uber platform, whose drivers were caught providing their services near the terminal building .

As this is a federal area, transport service cars operate under a license which they must pay. As a result, neither the state nor the municipal police can act, only the federal elements.

The permit is granted by the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) and the measure is applied in most airports, including Mexico City.

The measure has caused unease among people, since the cost of the service offered by the site’s taxis is often higher than that of an Uber or other digital platform operating in the entity.

Despite the ban, through the Uber page the service is offered, to get to the terminal area or in its case to leave it.

“Travel to and from Merida Airport with the Uber app. Instead of waiting for the MID bus or a taxi, you can request a ride directly on the app and be on your way,” it reads.

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