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Winnipeg man gets jail time for attacks on river trail


A man who pleaded guilty to assaulting three women and a teenage girl around Winnipeg’s river trail system last year has been sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Jordan Andrew Bruyere, 30, was sentenced Monday in Manitoba Provincial Court by Judge Robin Finlayson to 14 years in prison, minus the time he has already served.

“Nobody deserves to be mugged. Nobody deserves to be mugged,” Finlayson said at sentencing.

Finlayson noted Bruyere’s remorse and willingness not to have a trial where victims would have to testify factored into the decision.

Bruyere admitted to attacking a woman in her 30s on the outskirts of downtown Winnipeg on April 8, 2021. Court heard Bruyere shot the woman from behind while holding a knife before she could scream and s ‘escape.

The second incident occurred two months later when a woman in her twenties allegedly asked Bruyère to borrow her cell phone. Bruyere noted that there was better reception under the Donald Street Bridge, where he then dragged her to the river bank, threatened her with a knife, and raped her.

The court heard that Bruyere attacked another woman in her twenties who was jogging on the river path along Churchill Drive eight days later. She was knocked to the ground but managed to escape.

The last incident admitted by Bruyere occurred on August 8, 2021, when a 15-year-old girl was walking on the trail near Churchill High School. Bruyère apparently approached her and began talking to her before sexually assaulting her. She was able to escape and flee to a nearby group of firefighters.

“It’s every woman’s worst nightmare,” said Crown Prosecutor Chantal Boutin.


The Crown and Bruyere’s defense attorney Laura Robinson agreed that 14 years behind bars, less time already served, was a fair sentence because of Bruyere’s difficult upbringing.

The court heard that Bruyere was abused as a teenager, but due to a publication ban, details of the incident, including the name of the perpetrator, cannot be reported.

The lawyers detailed how Bruyere was abused growing up and struggled with a drug addiction that “exacerbated his PTSD”.

“Hurt people hurt others,” Boutin said.

Robinson said Bruyere recognizes he poses a risk to the public and regrets what he did. She said Bruyere pleaded guilty to ensure the process was as quick and easy as possible for victims.

“It can be so, so difficult,” Finlayson said in his closing remarks. “I consider this a real show of remorse.”

Two of the victims wrote impact statements for the judge to read in private.

Bruyère will now serve approximately 12 years in prison as he spent just over a year in prison after surrendering. He will also be added to the Child Abuse Registry.

Once his sentence is over, Bruyere will not be allowed near playgrounds, schools, parks or other places where children might be. He is also not allowed to own weapons for the rest of his life or contact any of the victims.