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With Series A Funding of $15M, TrovaTrip Expands to Do

Portland, Ore., Sept. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TrovaTrip, the first travel planning and booking platform for creators to organize epic adventures around the world with their communities, today announced its $15 million Series A funding. The round was led by Seattle-based Madrona with participation from existing investors PSL Ventures, Oregon Venture Fund, Elevate Capital and Portland Seed Fund. The investment will allow TrovaTrip to advance its platform and expand access to more creators and their communities.

“We are thrilled with our partnership with Madrona and their extensive experience working with exceptional companies,” said TrovaTrip co-founder and CEO Nick Poggi. “With over 15,000 travelers booked to date, our hosted experiences are resonating with customers, but we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible as we continue to grow our community.”

Despite the many headwinds for travel during the pandemic, TrovaTrip grew bookings during the pandemic 10x to reach $15 million in 2021 and continued rapid growth in 2022. “It’s a testament to our resilient team and of our innovative model that gives creators a very authentic and reproducible way. generate revenue through shared experiences,” adds Poggi.

Along with the funding round, which brings TrovaTrip’s total capital raised to $20 million, Madrona’s Scott Jacobson has joined the board. Jacobson has extensive experience partnering with marketplace companies such as Rover.com.

“TrovaTrip continues to show leadership in a competitive space and in one of the most challenging environments in travel history,” says Jacobson. “We believe in this leadership team and this company, and we’re also excited about the company’s innovative approach to travel and empowering creators with a new revenue and engagement opportunity.”

How the TrovaTrip platform works for creators

The TrovaTrip platform allows creators, known as “hosts,” to plan, sell, and host multi-day experiences with their communities around the world. Hosts start by collecting market data from their community through TrovaTrip’s audience research tool. Information includes where people want to travel, what they want to do and their budget. Using this information, hosts select a trip organized by a certified operator at their destination. TrovaTrip offers over 500 unique experiences in 49 different countries, catering to a wide range of audiences and communities. Examples include unique trips like hiking in Patagonia, sourcing textiles in Morocco, practicing yoga in Bali and more.

Hosts set the price of their trip, allowing them to choose how much they earn. TrovaTrip then provides a landing page for Hosts to easily edit, publish and promote their trip to start accepting bookings. Hosts can also leverage the platform to set up email marketing in addition to promoting on their various social channels.

TrovaTrip handles all payment processing, customer support, traveler management, operator communication, and covers the host with free insurance during the trip. To date, TrovaTrip has worked with creators to curate experiences across many themes: hiking and outdoors, food and drink, body positivity, LGBTQ+, health and wellness and more.

All trips are organized and managed by a certified operator and include a local guide to support the host and travelers from start to finish, ensuring a safe and fun experience. “There is a real appetite for this type of experience, especially for those who have never tried traveling in a group or have been hesitant to travel solo in a group setting,” says Poggi. “When travel centers around a common subject and creator, it brings like-minded people together, resulting in quick connections and unforgettable experiences.”

About TrovaTrip

Based in Portland, Oregon, TrovaTrip is the premier travel planning and booking platform that directly connects creators and communities with tour operators to deliver unforgettable group travel experiences around the world. TrovaTrip empowers subject matter experts, creatives, and entrepreneurs to organize trips around the world with their communities. With itineraries in 49 different countries and over 15,000 travelers booked, TrovaTrip is changing the way people see and connect with the world by allowing them to follow their passion while travelling. By improving lives through meaningful connections, learning and exploration, TrovaTrip’s mission is to make travel safer and more accessible for everyone. TrovaTrip has raised over $20 million to date.

Interested in organizing a trip with TrovaTrip, click here for more information: https://trovatrip.com/host