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Justin Love reacts to life imprisonment

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Justin Michael Love was sentenced to life in prison on Friday, June 24, 2022, after being found guilty in the retrial for the 2015 murder of Domanic Thrasher.

Photojournalist Curtis Jackson spoke briefly with Love following a jury of nine women and three men handing down life sentences this afternoon in 30th District Court, which Love said. declared unjust.

“No. Absolutely not,” Love said. “It wasn’t fair at all.”

Love argued the sentence was unfair because Whitney O’Brien, who was the third person originally charged with Thrasher’s murder, has already been released from prison.

O’Brien entered a plea deal and was sentenced to 15 years for manslaughter. She was granted parole in 2020, something Love won’t even be eligible for until 2052.

“Whitney is out,” Love said. “Whitney did more than me. And she can walk free and I can’t.

Tamika Thrasher, Domanic’s mother, testified in tears in court Thursday afternoon after the jury found Love guilty.

Love continued to echo the sentiments of his original trial in 2017 and his more recent retrial, which said he never wanted anyone to be harmed in the drug deal that went wrong and ended the Life of Domanic Thrasher.

“I told Tamika [Thrasher] already,” Love said. “I apologize to her for my part in this.”

The retrial for Thrasher’s 2015 murder may have reached its conclusion on Friday, but according to Love, it’s still not over.

Love successfully appealed his December 2018 conviction and 50-year prison sentence, and said he would try to do so one more time.

“We’ll do like we did last time and we’ll appeal,” Love said.